3 Golden Rules to Make Your Website Convert At Its Best

“What’s the first thing you do if you want to know more about a business?”

Let’s see if we have the same answer to this question.

My answer is:

Google them and look at their website.

Whatever your answer is, I know our website is playing a significant role in the business.

It personifies our business.

Whether or not you still have that “It’s not going to make or break my business” mindset.

Your website is (and will be) your sales generation tool.

But it can also be your sales deconstruction tool (if not use carefully).

It’s like cooking. You can give me and a master chef the EXACT same ingredients, but guess who can make a better dish?

So the question is:

How can you make your website a huge success with the same given resources?

Here are my top 3 tips for you today.

No.1 – Have your unique selling proposition (USP) clarified.

This is beyond all the tactics and strategies.

It’s the CORE of your message. 

If I ask you ‘why should people choose you instead of others?’, and you don’t have a tangible, specific response.

No marketers can help you.

Early on in my career, I just worked with anyone who came to my way and needed help with their website.

Soon I understood (through hardship and many failures)…

There’s NO AMOUNT of marketing genuineness can compensate for a bad offer. (So important)

If iPhone wasn’t unique, it doesn’t matter how great their commercials are.

From my experience, I’d say half of the businesses have a good USP, but they just struggle to say it/ clarify it.

The other half, just follow what everyone else does (which I consider is just lazy and boring).

If you want your website and business to thrive, having your USP clarified is a must.

No.2 – Simplify Your Website (Everything)

“Well, it’s easier said than done Will.”

You’re right. That’s why I charge a high-ticket price for what I do.

But there are things that YOU can do too to simplify your website.

Humans are drawn to simplicity.

That’s just how our brain is programmed.

Einstein’s life work is to explain the universe with the simplest equation (e=mc2).

Steve jobs craved to have the simplest phone that a 3-year can just pick up and use intuitively.

It’s all about simplicity. Extreme simplicity.

People go to your website because they have a problem that they want to solve.

The LAST thing you want to do to them – is to give them more problems, with a complicated website.

When you look at your website, ask these 3 questions:

Can an outsider tells exactly what it is you do?

Do they know and understand your USP?

Is there a clear path for them to take the next step (your call-to-action)?

Simplicity, is a combination of your design as well as your message.

Beautiful design lays on top of a crappy message = An online brochure.

Crappy design lays on top of a great message = A boring sales letter (a bit better than the first).

So is your website simple enough?

No.3 Switch your role and make it about them

You know what’s the biggest question people ask when they see your website or ads?

This might be the question you ask too when you click on this page.

“What’s in it for me?”

Your website is NOT about you; It’s about your customers.

People are interested in their situation, not your situation, not your business history.

Most websites are built to “glorify” the business and it’s actually hurting their results.

Your website is here to make your customers the winners.

It’s about THEM, not you.

Pro Tip: To find the balance there. I always apply the 80/20 rule to this.

80% about the customers. 20% about the business.

But the trick is to make your customers the winners so your potential customers foresee themselves being the winner.



No.1 – Have your unique selling proposition (USP) clarified.

No.2 – Simplify Your Website (Everything)

No.3 Switch your role and make it about them


If you follow this formula, there’s NO way that your website won’t work.

And of course, if you want to do it right and accelerate your results, we’re here to help.

There’s no point to keep sending traffic to a website that doesn’t convert, worse, buying traffic.

When you’re ready, here are two best ways to do it right:

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