How to Craft The Right Message That Gets You The Right Clients

Ever thought about whether the message on your website, your landing page and your ads are right?

Is it clear enough?

Is it compelling and resonating with your ideal clients?

Are you conveying the ‘right’ message?

This “ACMA Method” that I’m about to show you will help better craft your message so you can use it to get more new clients.

“But wait Will, I’m not a copywriting or marketer, why should I learn this?”

As a business owner, we need to know what’s good and what’s bad for our marketing because — most agencies out there sadly and frankly, have no idea how to use words to sell.

They’re great at wordpress and putting websites together, but they don’t know how to make it convert.

It’s the words that are doing the selling.


ACMA — is an acronym that is designed to help you remember it.

The first A — ATTENTION.

It’s the HARDEST thing to get in this day and age, and it’s certainly the thing that your marketing lacks right now.

You see. I’m now trying my best to get your attention. It is such a limited resource with all the flashy screen and ads popping up every second.

You and I have been trained to NOT pay attention!

People hold a phone when they eat. People hold a phone when they sh*t. People check Facebook when they sleep.

Your website. Your advertising — is not competing with your competitors.

It’s competing with EVERYTHING ELSE.

Everything else that wants their attention.

So how do you get attention?

Have you ever been to some local markets where all the vendors are yelling to get attention?

Who wins?

It’s not the one who screams the loudest wins. It’s the one who says the right thing.

And that’s the C — Connection.

Notice. It’s NOT information. No one cares about information today. They can Google anything in a second (without even typing a single word).

Your website. Your ad needs to create a connection immediately, by saying the right thing.

Work on your messaging. Learn what your market really cares about today.

They don’t care about what you offer. They care about what they’ll get from what you offer.

It’s the good-old WANT v.s. NEED again.

They need a healthy, 8-week, intense low-fat diet. Well, but they want a lean body that gets them a new hot boyfriend.

So if you sell the diet, you’re done and they disengage.

If you want their ATTENTION and create CONNECTION, you need to talk about what they want, not what they need.

Once you have the connection, you want to move to the next immediately M — Motivation.

What motivates them to want this?

What’s the frustration and aspiration that have been playing in their head?

How’s that nagging pain in their knee been stopping them from exercising and get them out of shape?

How’s that treatment will kill all their stomach discomfort and they can eat steaks again just like when they were young?

Push those “emotional buttons”.

No one buys things with the prefrontal cortex (the logical mind). It’s all happening in the limbic and reptilian brain, the “feeling and survival brain”.

Once you pushed the “Motivation button”, you need to ask for an ACTION — the last A.

And that doesn’t need too much explanation, except the fact that most businesses just say “contact us” or “visit our website”.

It’s not clear and it doesn’t mean much to your prospects.

They need to see some benefits from your call-to-action to justify the action.

It’s your job to make sure the ACTION is a no-brainer to them.


So ACMA, Attention, Connection, Motivation, Action.


How do you convert people into bookings?

How do you write your advertising message?

How do you use your message to find the right clients without doing discounts or other gimmicks?

If you’re ready to take the next step, then I want to invite you to book a strategy session and convert this into a personalised action plan for you.

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