Is Your Website Confusing People? [Website Review VIDEO]

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Is your website confusing people?

Symptoms of A Confusing Website:

– A low conversion rate
– High bounce rate
– Unrelated/ irrelevant content

Oftentimes, we ASSUME people are going to know what we do, or they’re going to take their time to look for it on our page…

But they don’t. And they won’t.

Your potential clients, who are busy, tired and unfamiliar with your business, are NOT going to be generous with their time.

If you expect them to spend time and try to make meaning of your website, you’ll lose the client.

Actionable Steps:
1. Open up your website
2. Look at the top part of your website without scrolling
3. Ask yourself:
If someone new, who has never heard of your brand, would he/ she instantly understand what you do

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