How to Get The RIGHT Message to The RIGHT People

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Most business owners are still struggling to find?their message -?the right message that brings the right people in.

Their website has the wrong message.

Their brochure has the wrong message.

Their whole marketing has the wrong message.

Not only do they get minimal conversions from their website, but they also keep getting the wrong people.

To make your marketing effective, these two things must align:

The Right Message -?The Right People

If you misalign either one, your marketing just won’t work.? (I will show you a real-life example in a second)

A message is words.

But words aren’t necessarily a message – They have to be the right words.

We all know words sell things.

That’s how books are sold.?That’s how blog posts get opened.

But how do you find the right words for your marketing?

How do you draw the right people in?

In this short post, I am going to share with you one simple concept that will change the way you craft your message.

And I want to deliver this concept to you with a real story that happened yesterday.

Writing to you here in Bali.

Instead of sipping coconuts or laying at the beach, I’m here to get some deep work done and share this concept with you.

If you’ve been to Bali, you know the few main districts that are just packed with tourists.

Canggu is one of them.

Imagine yourself walking through the shops in this most popular district for the first time. Everything you see is new and interesting.

And now, here comes the sign that says:

“Homemade Balinese Food with Local Ingredients”.

You can’t help yourself but to walk in this bistro and give it a try because:

  1. You’re hungry
  2. You’re in Bali, of course, you want to try some local Balinese food

You might ask – what does it have to do with my messaging?

Well – When you walk into this bistro, guess what kind of customers you will see there?

Customers that are just like you!?

Tourists that want to try the real local food.

Do you think this bistro is trying to attract the locals who are already eating these dishes at home every single day?

Do you think this message would resonate with them?

Here’s the thing.

Many business owners still don’t have 100% clarity on who they’re wanting to attract.

Their messaging is basically saying:

“Cheap & Fast International Food”?and?“Fries/ Burger/ Fried Rice”.

Do you think there is going to be a difference in the kind of customers you attract?

“Homemade Balinese Food with Local Ingredients”

“Cheap & Fast International Food”

To help you get clarity on your messaging, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Who are you trying to attract?

Who are you not?trying to attracting??Do you know who your ‘tourists’ are?

What words do they pay attention to that others won’t?

2. What do they want from you?

What means a lot to them? What kind of experience do they want?

What don’t they want?

3. What value can they perceive by seeing at your message?

Does your message paint a picture?

Can they perceive the value of engaging with your business?

Can they perceive the cost of not engaging with your business?

If you can answer these questions clearly and implement them, your marketing will work.

Final words.

When people are on your web page, it is the same as them walking pass your sign on a busy street.

You only have a split second to convince them to stay.

Treat every click as a potential customer stepping one foot in your shop.

Do they see anything that resonates with them?

Can they perceive the value of even paying attention to you?

Can they perceive the value of staying a few more seconds?

Can they perceive the value of giving you their email?

Can they perceive the value of clicking call-to-action?

A lot of business owners are still struggling to get their messaging right and they waste so much money on marketing trying everything.

A few hundred here?last?month, a few hundred there?this?month.

The worse thing is – they waste so much valuable?time?going through all these trials-and-errors…

When really, they should be getting a lot more leads from their website if they got their messaging right in the first place.

Get your messaging right today and start scaling your business.

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