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What is Google Partners?

Google Partners are agencies, online experts, and marketing professionals who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords (Google Advertising) accounts. It is a proof of a company has demonstrated

  • Google AdWords skill and expertise
  • Met AdWords spend requirements
  • Delivered agency and client revenue growth
  • And sustained and grown their client base

All companies and agencies that qualify for Partner status earn the Google Partner badge,?a Google Partner profile page and also be listed on the Google Partners website.

Google Partner Melbourne Australia - Specialisation

What are the benefits of working with Google Partners?

Client Benefits Google Partner - Website People

Our Google Partner status gives a number of benefits to our clients, including:

  • Complete flexibility on strategy
  • Direct phone & email support from Google
  • Eligible for dedicated account management
  • Access to special AdWords betas for cutting edge campaign management
  • Overall, better service, better campaign, better result

Why is Google Partner status important?

Google creates the Google Partners Program with an intention to create a better advertising environment on the internet. By qualifying?agencies and companies with the best practices, businesses can choose to work with Partners that are knowledgeable and skilful in the field.

Not all agencies in Australia?have been awarded this accreditation and this differentiates us and your nephew’s friend in university who knows how to create an AdWords account without any experience of delivering tangible results on a regular basis.

A successful digital marketing campaign comes with a cohesive web design and landing pages

Working with Google Partner Agency - Website People

We can help you grow your business online.

Adwords Account Management - Website People

Need help managing your online advertising? As a Google Partner in Melbourne, we?ve been trained and certified by Google to help businesses like yours.

We are confident that we help more Melbourne and Australian businesses to transition their businesses from the traditional marketing to the digital marketing with efficiency and profitability.

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