What Businesses Need to Know About Google Partner?

Google Partner Melbourne | Website People is now an official Google Partner

What is Google Partner?

Google Partners are agencies, marketing professionals, and online experts who have been certified by Google to manage AdWords accounts. It shows that a company has demonstrated

  • Google AdWords skill and expertise
  • Met AdWords spend requirements
  • Delivered agency and client revenue growth
  • And sustained and grown their client base

Companies who qualify for Partner status earn the Google Partner badge, a Google Partner profile page and also be listed on the Google Partners website.

What are the advantages of working with a Google Partner?

Website People Google Partner status gives a number of client benefits, including:

  • Complete flexibility on strategy
  • Direct phone & email support from Google
  • Eligible for dedicated account management
  • Access to special AdWords betas for cutting edge campaign management

What does it mean our clients?

It means that you are in safe hands.

This qualifies us as an advertising & digital agency knows what we are doing and we deliver the best advertising results to our clients.

What does Google Partner mean to Website People?

Being a Google Partner means a lot to us. It’s delightful to partner with one of the influential companies the world. Google doesn’t only affect our daily life as an agency, but hundreds of our clients are depending their businesses on Google.Certifying by Google gives us the confidence to help more clients to transit their businesses from the traditional marketing to the modern way of marketing with efficiency and profitability.

“I am new to advertising on Google. Should I begin a Google AdWords campaign for my business?”

Google AdWords is a powerful tool to advertise online. Frankly, it’s not for every industry or business. I always suggest businesses engage with us or other trusted agencies first for market research and strategy discovery before starting any marketing campaign, including Facebook, Google, or even offline campaigns.

Without the proper keywords, target personas, landing pages, and analytics in place, any type of campaign with any amount budget will fail.

“Which Google AdWords or Google advertising services should I use?”

Google offers many ways for advertisers to place advertisements on the internet. The most common ads are the search ads that appear on the Google Search Result page.

Google Adwords - Google Partner Website People

Image of a search result with Google Search Ads

This is a type of ad that the customers find you instead of you finding the customers. This is suitable for businesses with a high-value service or product to sell.

Why high-value?

Because if one click costs $3 and the average conversion for all industry is 3%, that means every $300 spending gets 3 leads or sales. If one lead or sale costs $100, you don’t want to be selling a pack of candy that worths $10 or a one lawn mowing service that worths $60.

What are the other types?

There are many other types such as

  • Google Display Network, which is also known as the banner ads.
  • Mobile Ads
  • Remarketing, which is a powerful tool for inbound marketing and branding
  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • App Ads

And of course, any type of advertising campaign should drive the users to a well-designed and optimised landing page. Landing pages must be cohesive and consist with the ads to create an user-experience that will follow.

Depending what you sell and how much your products or services worth, different ad campaigns can be used to drive more sales to the business.

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