How to End Your ‘Hope Marketing’ Rabbit Hole (And Start Getting Actual Results)

‘Hope marketing’ is exactly what it says — marketing that’s based on hope.

By the end of this, you’ll know:
. How to end this crazy ‘hope marketing’ rabbit hole
. Get actual results with your first baby step
. Put a simple system in place that will cut-off 85% of your time input

Sounds good?

If you’ve downloaded my guide, watched my training and still get stuck doing the same thing over and over for months, something’s wrong.

And we need to fix that, together.

The further down you dig and the longer time you spend in this rabbit hole, the harder to get out.

How to end this crazy ‘hope marketing’ rabbit hole

If you’re spending any money or time on marketing, and you’re not sure what you’re getting back, it’s a red flag that this is just a ‘hope’.

Let me give you some actual examples so you can relate:

1. Hoping that one day your SEO will magically be at the top

If you need new clients now, I mean, today. SEO is the last thing you want to put your hope on. You almost have NO control over what the outcome will be.

*I’ve seen numerous of people rank at the top, yet still struggle to get new clients.

Being found ≠ Being chosen.

2. Wasting money on advertising with the “Get My Name Out There” mindset

Anyone can simply pay $5 on Facebook and get their name out there today. Don’t drill on that.

Getting your name out is just the tiny little part of your marketing.

How are you turning that attention into sales? Are you even getting the attention of the RIGHT people?

Honestly, the best way to end this — is to just stop.

Once you stop focusing so much on beating the dead horse, you’ll have a lot more clarity on what you should be doing instead, such as reading this helpful email.

Get actual results with your first baby step

I do this with every client. This is the smallest effort that always generates big rewards.

Start a Facebook campaign and ran ads to everyone who has been in your radar in the past. People who’ve been on your website. People who looked at your Facebook page. Your email list.

This is something you can do under $2/day and only takes 1-2 hours to set up. 

Sometimes, (depending on the situation) we run ads to the fans and existing clients as well.

If you do great work and give great results to your clients, when they see your ads they’ll give you the most powerful social proof you could ever ask for.

Talk about ‘top of mind’ for y’all sales geeks. Can you see how this will create the leverage?

Put a simple system in place that will cut-off 85% of your time input

You don’t want to be messing around with your marketing the whole time. Your time should be spent on your client results and other things.

Putting a system in place that will:

1. Consistently get new people into your radar
2. Qualify them so they are the ones who truly need your help
3. Build your authority and trust so you don’t have to do ‘pushy sales’
4. Prompt them to book or make an enquiry when they’re ready

This ‘system’, is more of a messaging system than a tech hookup with software.

Do you know what I mean?

To move people from point 1 to point 4, from knowing you to contacting you, you need messages that speak directly to their situation.

If you want a system that consistently gets you perfect clients, it should look like this:

When you have this system in place, every interaction with your market just deepens the relationship.

The best thing is, you don’t really need to be involved because the tech will be doing the heavy lifting for you.

When people make an enquiry, they’re already 90% there (of course you still need to responsd enquiries).

What will you do when you don’t have to juggle with the marketing anymore?

Hope marketing is not really marketing. It’s basically just efforts that make people feel good and feel like they’re doing ‘something’.

You know the people who go to the gym and just sit there playing with their phone?

It’s time to end this. Of course, if you want some professional help and have someone to walk you through the whole process, you can get a custom strategy here and see if you’re a fit.

Otherwise, you’ll have to throw more spaghetti at the wall and see what works, which is going to cost you more money and time.

Let’s be honest, a few hundreds here, a few hundreds there, they add up quickly. And time…priceless.

What is it costing you to keep playing the ‘hope marketing’ game?

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