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Why so many businesses are having more than one language on their website?

It’s simple. We are living in a big multicultural city and every customer is comfortable to communicate or read one specific language. Not only that they understand better, they also use that language to search on search engines like Google.

A multilingual website helps with the search engine visibility, it builds instant rapport with your customers, and it brings more customers.

There’s no reason not to have website with multi-languages.

What are the most common languages for multilingual websites?

At Website People, we create the most Chinese-English bilingual websites. As China is the second most used language in Australia. Korean, Hindi, Italian are other bilingual?websites with huge potential to reach more customers.

How does a?multilingual website work?

When we design websites with more than one language, we define the user profile carefully as we the users to have the most personalised web experience. For instance, we must avoid an English user being directed to a Chinese page.

A multilingual website is not one website that contains multiple translations, instead of multiple websites combined. Most web browsers are able to tell the website which language is being used by the user and the website can direct the user to the according translation if the translation exists.

The most common way to switch?languages on a website is to use the language switcher in the header or the footer.

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