MKC Digi Station

Mobile?experience is everything

MKC Digi Station is one of the largest phone repair shops in Melbourne. They need to be found online and provide their customers with a better online experience in order to win in the crowded industry.

Scope of work


Fix it Now!

It’s the most painful experience when you drop your brand new iPhone?7 to the solid concrete ground. We wanted to create something that wasn’t just easy and straight forward, but would also cheer up this whole painful process.

creative logo design - mkc
creative logo design - mkc

Be Creative or Practical?

We all love creative ideas and designs, but sometimes – creativity might not deliver the right message. We thought carefully of how this design and concept would work with different online campaigns before implementing it, and it works perfectly.

MKC Digi Station - Creative Design - Website People

Almost like an app

A technology call Ajax is being developed on this site. A way to fetch data from the server without refreshing the web page. In other words, creating a smoother and more unique?user-experience (UX) is one of the keys to get businesses online in the noisy world.

What’s the point of having a site if no one sees it?

We launched two Adwords campaigns for two of their store locations to begin driving traffic to the website as soon as the website went live. We began driving thousands of potential customers to the site each month.

Web traffic increase Melbourne - Website People
Google Adwords Management Melbourne - Website People

Data is?the king and it’s true

We are still constantly making improvements?to the website base on the data we collect and analyse. We monitor the changes to the conversion rate (Phone calls, directions, form submission, etc) by sending users to two or three different variants of the same page. We are able to see how users react to different headlines, images, or call to actions and which variant drives more conversions.

Conversion Optimisation Melbourne - Website People


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