There’s a reason why we decided not to do SEO for clients anymore.

Google is getting smarter and smarter every day.

Those old SEO tricks (Buying domain names, stuffing keywords, etc) aren’t working anymore. Despite there are still a few old tactics working (I can tell you if you really want to know), these will all eventually get caught up by Google.

Why? They’ve got 89.46 billion in revenue just in 2016. Do you think they don’t have enough money and talents to catch up with these little SEO tricks?

Just think deeper into how Google works. It is a company that provides all these free services (Google Maps, Gmail, Translate, etc) and Google Search is one of them.

Google needs to make sure that all Google Search’s users are finding what they want in the shortest period of time. In other words, they need to make sure the most relevant search results are provided to their users. That’s how they create happy users.

When the users are happy when they need to search for things again next time, where would they go?

Not to Yahoo or Bing, but to Google.

And it’s because of that mission they have – to provide the most relevant results to the users in the shortest period of time. This took them from a startup to one of the most famous brands in the world.

That’s enough for the context. Now I am going to show you exactly how the new SEO works.

Just go to Google and search for a keyword that you want to rank for, skip all the Ads and click on the top 2 organic results.

And now, open up your own website (if you have one). Out of all three websites, which one do you want to show to the user first? Which one provides more value to the user? Why?

People who are searching for products and services on Google aren’t looking for you!

They are looking a solution!

Try asking yourself right now:
Does your website provide a solution to the Google user?
Does it just ask them to buy, buy, buy or contact, contact, contact?
Does it answer their questions? If it does, how hard it is for them to find that piece of content that answer their question?

Here’s a simple 5-minute exercise you can do right now to begin doing SEO for yourself and it’s called Content Marketing:

Write down all of the questions that your customers might have before they take action:
– How much does an implant cost? (Dentist)
– How long does cleaning take? (Cleaning company)
– How long would it take to deliver to my house? (Online store)
– Do you offer anything different than XXX? (Most businesses)
– Why do I have to choose you? (Most businesses)

Once you have it, open your website and see whether your website itself can answer all of the questions.

I can guarantee if you can create a new page for each question and provide a well-descriptive answer for each, your ranking will increase.

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