Ready to Scale Your Business with A Website That Works Best for You?

Is your website getting traffic…but you’re only getting a handful of new clients from it?

Most business owners have a website and they know people are looking at it…but somehow, they only get a handful of new clients from it.

You might have tried opening up your analytics and you see…

  •  People are bouncing off your website
  •  SEO organic traffic isn’t converting into new clients
  •  Your social media are getting clicks…but no sales

For most business owners, they might get a few enquiries or sales from the website occasionally, but they never know WHEN.

Even when they do get some “tractions” from the website, the majority of the leads and sales that they get – are from the people that already know them.


Existing clients.

Someone who they handed their business card to.

But what about the new people? What about the majority of the people that don’t know you and are new to your business?

What if people are ALREADY looking at your website…but they don’t resonate with your message?

Getting traffic doesn’t mean anything.

It is only when the traffic CONVERTS into enquiries and sales – then the traffic matters.

Most agencies and “marketing people” put their emphasis on:

  • “You need to get the SEO right”
  • “You need to do Facebook ads”
  • “You need to write more blog posts…”

Sadly, without diagnosing the root problem, most business owners get distracted by them and fall into the “I need more traffic” trap.

Some spend thousands of dollars on SEO.

Some spend thousands on Facebook ads.

Some spend a few months building a new website…

After the money and time are all spent, they often come back to the same old problem:

“Why am I only getting a handful of new clients from my website?”

What they finally realise is that…

There’s no point to send people to a website that struggles to convert.

They know they have to Simplify their message.

If people don’t get your message, not only do they NOT make a booking or an enquiry, they also don’t know…

  • WHY you’re so different
  • WHY your offer is amazing
  • And what exactly they should do on your website

And this is what we help business owners with specifically:

Simplify Your Message so your website will speak to the new people and convert them into your clients.

Take a few moments and watch the videos below.

You can see how other business owners have simplified their message and scaled their business to the next level, whether it is hiring new staff, making sure they’re busy or ramping up your sales…


What if your website messaging is so simple, clear and effective?

What if people can finally see your value proposition?

What if this is the missing piece in your marketing?


It’s time to simplify your message, attract new people and scale your business.

See what other business owners say:

“I’ve never had so many relevant enquiries.”

Khole, Port Macquarie, NSW

“I’ve tried everything…SEO, seminars, letterbox drops…”

Michael, Melbourne VIC

“With my marketing, I’ve tried various things…and they all talked about SEO…”

Emma, Melbourne VIC


“We can’t believe how much better this is”

Rotary Club of Balwyn was having a hard time conveying their message across to their community using their website and struggled to define the real purpose of their website. Thus, the website wasn’t generating much response, such as enquiries from potential members and engagement from volunteers. With the help of the Website People process, the club defined the primary goal of their website clearly and crafted a new design and message that align to the goal.

Cath, Rotary Club of Balywn, Melbourne VIC

“From 1-2 enquiries a week to now at least 6-7”

Lorraine had a website that was getting roughly 300 monthly traffic from Google but she wasn’t able to convert the traffic into enquiries. After going through the Website People process, the website had a new design and a clear and effective message that speaks to her market.

She is now consistently generating enquiries and drop-in customers from her website. More importantly, her website can now help her to get her message across and it’s attracting the right type of customers that value her quality and her higher pricing structure.

Lorraine, Lara VIC

“The website never delivered result and I kept changing it…”

Who is this for?

Trying to get more bookings & enquiries from new people?

  • Maybe you’re too close to your business?
  • Are you struggling to get your message across?

Selling unique products online?

  • Is your social media traffic not converting?
  • Are you not sure what’s missing on your site?

Have a dated/ ineffective website?

  • Are you trying to make the best use of your site?
  • Do people get confused when they see your site?

What is it costing you to keep sending people to an ineffective website?

Shouldn’t your website work best to get new clients for you?

How many new clients are you losing today because of an ineffective website?

Not making a change to your website is potentially costing you way more than you think.

How it works


1. Send us your website url

Send your website link to us so we can pre-review


2. Review on the spot

We’ll review your site together and pinpoint the key areas to make sure you get it


3. Implement the changes

Implement the plan either by yourself or with us – whichever you prefer

Ready to Scale Your Business with A Website That Works Best for You?

Book a Website Messaging Review to get clarity on the areas that need to be changed so you implement without any guesswork. The cost of the Review is AU$97.

When you click the link below, it will take you to the payment page with pay by Paypal or Credit Cards options. Once you’re done with the payment, it will take you to the next page to get some details from you about your website.

**Strictly one website per booking only