How This Small Business Doubled Their Enquiries by Tweaking Their Homepage (Step-by-step)

A 5-7 minute read. Author: Will Chan.

Is your website getting traffic but not getting enough enquiries and calls?

Today, we face a huge problem.

Businesses are spending thousands of dollars and hours of hard work on a new website…but when this mega project is done, the website just sits there collecting dust.

Should your website be generating more new business for you?

Most business owners think?the ‘solution’ is to get more traffic.

  • Do SEO to rank higher
  • Spend money on Adwords
  • Try Facebook ads…

But soon, they’ve learned that the problem is not about how much traffic they’re getting – It is how much traffic they’re converting.

Their website doesn’t know how to turn clicks into enquiries and sales.

If you’re trying to get more enquiries from potential clients to ramp up your sales, and you know people are looking at your website, then this will give you a practical strategy to execute.

Running a business can be tough.

Your customers need your attention. Your staff need your attention. Everything needs your attention.

And sales needs your attention.

Every day, I see two extreme scenarios. Businesses either grow so fast because their website ‘hits’ something OR they waste so much money on the?website because something is missing.

“Our ads aren’t getting any response”

“People are looking at my website but they’re not following through…”

One thing that I strongly believe in:

Your website is not to impress people, but to convert people.

From a prospect to a lead.

From not knowing you to?resonating with your message.

From a stranger?to?a client.



It was about 2 months ago.

I met with a small?business owner who was struggling to find new customers.

She had a website but it wasn’t doing much for her business.

In other words…it was ‘a website’, not a conversion tool.

But just after making some changes to her website, last week, she got 6 new customers from her website which really helps?to keep her business busy (and profitable).

a sceenshot of the email conversion of new customer acquisition

So let’s break down this process into 3 simple steps that you can follow.

Step#1: Diagnose the REAL problem

To me, nothing is more costly than fixing the WRONG problem.

Most businesses are spending their money to try to fix the wrong problems on the surface level.

So one day, I got an email from a cattery business owner (Lorraine).

She wanted to see if someone can help her to do SEO because she wanted to have more people to see her website…and hopefully, drum up some sales.

I get that. The more traffic, the higher the chance of getting new customers. But what if they don’t need more traffic to get more customers?

What if this is not just a “number game” only?

What if just being found is not enough?

After the website review, we both have A LOT more clarity about the “real situation”.

Let’s take a glance at the old website first:

A screenshot of the old cattery website

A screenshot of the old cattery website

Well yes, it’s not the best-looking design, but that wasn’t it.

It was informational, BUT that wasn’t the killer.

The killer was the message. The message wasn’t clear and compelling.

Most businesses write their own website content or hire a random copywriter (some even let the “designer” to do the content) which is rather disappointing.

Keep in mind, your customers are NOT looking for information – they’re looking for CONNECTION.

And your messaging – is one of the best ways to create the connection you need.

If the message on your homepage is not clear and engaging, your potential clients would just leave.

Most businesses lose their sales at this point –

Their message is SO vague, confusing, boring, or repetitive (sounds so similar to their competitors…) that people just don’t even bother reading.

If that’s you, if that’s your website, you just lose a sale there.

Yes. It’s that quick. (Whatever a client worths to you, you’ve just lost one within a few seconds)

It doesn’t matter if you have the latest WordPress design, perfectly designed sliding banners, live chat…or 20 more pages of well-scripted content…the sale is gone.?

If you lose them on the “first date”, your likelihood of getting the sale later is going to drop immensely OR your sales cycle is going to extend dramatically.

Do you see what I mean?

So first, diagnosis, the website is not communicating clearly and effectively.

Second, Lorraine?wanted to do SEO, but the truth is, she didn’t ‘need’ it…Sometimes, well I should say most of the time, what we “want” isn’t necessarily what we “need”.

She had a few hundred website visitors every month but she only got a handful of bookings online.

What does it mean?

It means the problem that needed her FULL ATTENTION was the Conversion of her website, not the?Traffic.

Basic Marketing 101 right?
A graphic to demostrate how website conversion works

How website conversion works

Yet, so many of us are still trying to fix the wrong problem.

If she did spend a few thousand?dollars getting some SEO done OR spend money on an ad campaign to send people to her website with that poor conversion rate, what would happen?

Stop putting petrol in the tank if the engine doesn’t work.

Find the REAL problem and fix it.

#Step 2: Use your messaging to show your superiority

Most businesses try to find the latest “marketing tactics” like how to set up a sales funnel, what WordPress theme to use, how to set up a Facebook ad, Adwords, etc.

They focus SO MUCH on the tactical things but they almost completely neglect how they communicate their value and superiority.

Honestly, for Lorraine’s business, she has excellent value propositions, but her message was making her business “sound” inferior?rather than superior.

Lorraine provided me with a lot of “features” of their business which was?great:

– Luxury cat boarding facilities
– 24 Hour on-site care
– Individual outside runs
– Heating and Cooling
– Easy access to Princess freeway
– Special care for the elderly and frail cats…..

But..these things don’t really mean much UNLESS you can actually get the message across.

Let’s take a look at an example of Popeye with the spinach.

So if?Popeye was your potential customer, you wouldn’t sell or pitch him the spinach and say how great the spinach is.

You sell him the result that he will get after eating the spinach. Make sense?

A graphic to show the difference between selling product and selling result

Difference between selling product and selling the results

Let’s see some examples of how this can apply to the cattery:

24 Hour on site care >> Your cat will be well-taken care of day and night

– ?Individual outside runs, Heating and Cooling >> Your cat will love the stay and keep bragging you to come back

Easy access to Princess freeway >> You can just drop your cats off on your way to the airport and pick them up on your way home

Do you see the difference?

Let’s see one more example with the iPod:

A graphic to show the difference between selling product and selling result

Difference between features and benefits

Do you see the difference?

This part of the process is SO important. It’s the foundation of any successful campaign.

If your message is unclear or not on point, your potential clients won’t see your superiority…

Which means – they’re going to compare you purely with PRICE.

And yes…web designers or web developers probably won’t tell you this.

Because they’re great at designing and technology, but they have probably never studied effective selling copywriting.

Your website needs to know how to sell.

If your website doesn?t know how to sell, the organic traffic that you get and the paid traffic that you pay for?is not going to convert.

In this case, this is exactly what was happening to Lorraine’s website.

So let?s have a look at what the new homepage looks like:

A screenshot of the new website

A screenshot of the new website

A screenshot of the new website

A screenshot of the new website

  1. A clear message that tells people exactly what is this about.
  1. Images that convey meanings, not just ?backgrounds?
  1. Her value propositions are right on the nose instead of hiding somewhere in the ?About? page

(You can learn a lot more about how to get your message across in here)

More importantly, we get the MESSAGE?across.

Despite Lorraine charges a higher price than her competitors, and obviously, lots of competition, she is getting more new customers.

This is NOT about your price.

It is NOT about how many years you?ve been in business.

It is NOT about how you call yourself ?the best in Melbourne or Sydney?.

It is NOT about how much information you have.

It?s about whether you can get your message across.

?Step#3: Implementation

Obviously,? you need to put things into practice to make it work.

The challenging part, of course, is how you translate your message into your headlines, body text, navigation, Facebook Ad copy, what images you should use, etc.

Most business owners have the ?idea? but they struggle to put it into words.

And that?s part of my job is to help them ?download? what?s in their brain and translate it into clear words that sell.

Within 2 weeks, we made all the critical changes and we launched the new homepage.

As you already know, the result was amazing. (And yes, we just refined the homepage. It?s all about leveraging here. Small action. Big impact.)

The cattery is getting more calls and enquiries from the website.

(Obviously, your website is not going to convert every single person, but just by getting the most from the traffic that you already have, you can certainly see a change in your sales)

So let?s do a recap of what to do and what NOT to do:

Mistakes to avoid.

  1. Keep sending your hard-earned traffic to a website that doesn?t convert
  2. Only think about how much traffic you?re getting, instead of how much you?re converting
  3. Not making the best use of your website to convey your message

Key points to follow.

  1. Invest your resources to find the REAL problem
  2. Focus on CONNECTION, not information (because information is an abundance now)
  3. Find your leverage point, sometimes, you just need little tweaks

Now, the question is ?

Are you making the best use of your website?

How do you craft your message?

How do you put this into practice?

Every smart business owner knows every second they wait, there are opportunities passing by.

They know people are looking at their website, clicking on their ads?and not taking any action.

If you have a website, and it?s getting some traffic, but it?s not converting at its best, click here to learn more about Website Results Amplifier.

If you have something great to offer, your market should know it, understand it and take it.

It?s time to make the best use of your website to get your message across.

? Will Chan


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  • Jay

    This is a GREAT post Will! Thank you.
    We are in the process of rebuilding our website and I’ve been having a lot of new thoughts since I read this yesterday. As you advised in the cheat sheet, we’ve been heavily promoting our customers to leave us reviews on Google and we now have over ten reviews that we can put on the website. What’s your thought on how many testimonials we should put on the homepage?

  • David

    What do you do if you are in an industry where testimonials are considered to not be ethical?

    • Will Chan

      David, there are many ways to build trust and authority on your website. Testimonial is one of them, but I’m really interested in which industry you are in that causes you to have this thought.

  • Linda Reed-Enever

    Will what a great educational post. Love the case study examples and the results!

    • Will Chan

      Thanks Linda, research and discovery make a website strong and compelling.

  • Lynette Delane

    Great post. So refreshing to see someone diagnose the root cause instead of offering a silver bullet.

    Great work on the cattery site.

    • Will Chan

      Thanks Lynette, hope your website is going well.

  • Elyssia

    Great posts and a super easy read – thank you!

  • Fernanda Alberici

    Awesome article, love the detailed case study.

  • Sharm

    Thanks Will. Great content and easy read. I will be tweaking my clients websites:-).

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    Great content. Thank you.

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