Is your website getting the RIGHT message across? [Website Review VIDEO]

Is your website getting the RIGHT message across?

Symptoms of Getting The Wrong Message Across:

– People don’t understand WHY you’re different
– A low conversion rate
– You know you’re better than other competitions, but the new people don’t get it

Most websites are doing the business a “disservice”.
Rather than conveying the differentiation and the value proposition of the business, it does the complete opposite.
People go to your website.
– They don’t understand why you’re different.
– They don’t understand what so special about what you do.
– They don’t see the REAL value that you’re bringing to the table
Remember: Even if we say it, doesn’t mean they’ll hear it.
Watch this 5-Minute Conversion Clinic to see if you’re getting the RIGHT message across.

Action Steps:
1. Take 5 seconds to scan through your homepage
2. Ask yourself: If I were the potential client, how will this business/ service/ product make my life better?
3. If the message is unclear, rearrange your messaging and the emphasis of it.

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