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Do you struggle with website?problems like…

  • Is our message clear enough?
  • We’re getting traffic, but very little enquiries & sales
  • Something needs to be changed, but we don’t know what
  • I don’t want to waste money on SEO and Adwords
  • Is there too much information on our site?
  • We seem to be losing sales online to our competitors

“Is this for me?”

Are you a local business?

  • Need to get more calls, bookings and enquiries
  • Trying to acquire new people
  • Want to stand out from competitions

Do you sell products online?

  • Get a better ‘traffic to orders’ conversion rate
  • Know exactly what to do next
  • Partner with someone who can help you scale

Is your site dated/ ineffective?

  • Time to take the ‘online side’ seriously
  • Make a better & effective online presence
  • Get real feedback

Simplify your website.

Clarify your message.

Amplify your marketing results.

“I’ve never had so many relevant enquiries.”

Khole, Port Macquarie, NSW

Khole runs a very successful local pain relief clinic and she had been getting new clients mainly from word of mouth. Because of her success rate and the effectiveness of her healing method, her clients typically recover in a very short period of time. This requires Khole to consistently acquire new clients in order to take the business to the next level.

Once Khole implemented the strategy to her website and marketing, she immediately sees her new bookings and enquiries begin to increase.

“This is amazing – This process is so different than what I’ve been doing and I pinch myself every time I see another booking comes in”

Michael, Melbourne VIC

Michael had a website for his meditation practice, but it wasn’t generating the new clients as he expected nor helping him to get his message across to his prospective clients. With the help of the Website People process, he is able to clarify his website message and generate enquiries and calls from it. On top of that, he implemented the Website People Facebook Ads strategy with his new message and it generates new leads for his practice consistently using a simple campaign.

“From 1-2 enquiries a week to now at least 6-7”

Lorraine had a website that was getting roughly 300 monthly traffic from Google but she wasn’t able to convert the traffic into enquiries. After going through the Website People process, the website had a new design and a clear and effective message that speaks to her market.

She is now consistently generating enquiries and drop-in customers from her website. More importantly, her website can now help her to get her message across and it’s attracting?the right type of customers that value her quality and her higher pricing structure.

Lorraine, Lara VIC

“We can’t believe how much better this is”

Rotary Club of Balwyn was having a hard time conveying their message across to their community using their website and struggled to define the real purpose of their website. Thus, the website wasn’t generating much response, such as enquiries from potential members and engagement from volunteers. With the help of the Website People process, the club defined the primary goal of their website clearly and crafted a new design and message that align to the goal.

Cath, Rotary Club of Balywn, Melbourne VIC

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