How to Craft Your Website Message So It Generates Enquiries & Bookings

 Author: Will Chan.


Do you have a website but it’s not converting as well as it should?

Most business owners work day and night trying to get new customers and scale the business…

They spend so much time and money on things like:

  • Getting a shiny looking website
  • Hiring people to do SEO (even though you have no idea what they do)
  • Convincing ourselves to be more active on social media
  • Trying to crack the da vinci code of Facebook ads
  • And all these other marketing efforts

What for?

Just to get a new customer!

Yet, it is these “movements” that always confuse us with “achievements”.

We think we’ve gone far, but it’s actually the wrong direction.

Let me give you an example.

Most businesses work so hard on getting and buying traffic, but in fact, they should be working on their conversion first because their website is not converting.

Buying ads — Movement.

Being active on social media — Movement.

Ranking for keywords — Movement.

But what about the actual Achievement? The leads and the sales?

This is why many businesses come to me and say:

“I know what we offer is truly amazing”

“Our customers love us. They all leave great reviews.”


But for some reasons, the new people just don’t seem to know it.

I was doing a website review yesterday, they got 500 new organic traffic to the website, but there were only 2-3 enquiries (which is a pretty poor conversion rate by the way).

Imagine 500 people walk into your shop and or 2 people ask you a question…

So what can we do about it?

Here’s something I found that works with almost all of my clients.

It might work for you. It might not.

But here’s what I found that works.

If you want to start getting the response you should be getting, you have to learn the Language of Buying.

What is that?

Imagine if someone on the street starts talking to you in a language that you just don’t understand at all…

How hard would it be for you to communicate with the person?

If you don’t speak the same language, it’s going to be difficult.

Same with our website.

We need to learn their “buying language” and stop talking to them in our own “selling language”.


By having absolute clarity.

Below are three levels of clarity that your marketing needs to achieve in order for you to “speak the same language” as your customers do.

Level 1 – Clarity of what you do/ what you offer.

Most websites are written and designed in a way that only speaks to “insiders”.

To find out what they do, you’ll have to solve a few riddles first. (no kidding)

Let’s look at the messaging on this page:

Name blurred to respect the privacy

Is it for wedding entertainment?

Floral decoration?

Or a wedding planner?

And it turns out it’s a wedding venue (I’m still not 100% sure).

How could someone make a booking or an enquiry if they are not sure what you do?

Make it clear that there’s no confusion or guesswork.

You never want people to “fill in the blank” with their own false information.

Clarity doesn’t just stop with the message, you need to carry it on with the design as well.

Look at the sub-headline.

It’s long and it’s almost invisible. It’s basically telling us NOT to read it.

Level 2 – Clarity of your value proposition

In other words, why should people choose you instead of the other choices?

Think about your ideal clients now.

What kind of other choices do they have apart from working with you?

  • Your competitors
  • Not taking actions (that’s a choice too)
  • Hesitating or postponing to take actions

Apart from telling people clearly what you do, your message also needs to help people understand WHY they need to take actions now and WHY you are the best to help.

Take a quick look at their old website before they implement the Website Strategy:

  1. Lots of frictions for content consuming
  2. Value propositions aren’t clear
  3. Not user-friendly on mobile


After Makeover:


You can have the greatest expertise or the best service in the world, but if people don’t know it…

It’s doesn’t matter.

Your job is to make sure your marketing spells out clarity so your ideal clients can understand.

So what’s the result after the makeover and a little help with paid ads?

She is fully booked out for a week.

Then later – she is booked out for the whole month.


A few questions for you to consider:

  • How easy it is for people to understand your value proposition?
  • Does your value proposition actually matter to THEM? (very important)
  • Is your value proposition exclusive or it is just a commodity in your market?

Level 3 – Clarity of your overall strategy

As cliché as this might sounds. You need a strategy.

Without one, it’s like trying to drive to a new city without Google maps.

You might get there, eventually.

It’s all about knowing that you’re going in the right direction – confidence.

Strategies are like recipes.

They are EVERYWHERE, from different chefs, different media, and they all say “This is delicious”.

There’s no right or wrong.

It’s how you execute it that matters the most.

But first, you need to have one.

  • What are you trying to communicate with the new people?
  • How are you going to capture the slow and medium action takers?
  • What needs to be said in your retargeting?

These are all a part of your overall strategy.

*Notice. A strategy is not one thing. It’s the whole process.

And if you’re confused about it, then there’s really no strategy. It’s just “winging it”.



There you go.

These are the three levels of clarity that I found work very well for most of my clients.

Which level are you on?

0? 1? or even 2 to 3?

As business owners, we are always too close to our business.

You know, if you try to look at something too close, you basically just can’t see anything.

I talk to business owners regularly and they always ask me on the strategy call:

“What is missing on our website?”

8 out of 10 times, they’re missing Clarity.

Clarity of what they offer.

Clarity of their value proposition.

Clarity of their overall strategy.

Is it time to make the best use of your website and get new enquiries and bookings?

What’s the point of keep pumping petrol into the tank if the engine that doesn’t work?

– Will


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